Addabbo Family Health

Client: Addabbo Family Health Center / Gertler and Wente Architects

The Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center, Inc. is a Federally Qualified Community Health Center established in 1987 to provide comprehensive health services to the poor, the medically indigent and/or medically underserved residents in the county of Queens, New York. Gertler and Wente, the design and record architect for the existing 36,000 square foot facility, was commissioned to design the building expansion/ renovation and contracted D4H for the interior design.

Type: Community Health Center

Size: 18,000 SF expansion and 36,000 SF renovation

Completion: Currently in Construction Document Phase

The design concept SPLASH (Sandy Peninsula Laced with Splashy Hues) embodies a framework of natural textures and materials indicative of the surrounding landscape – one which colorful objects are inserted. These cheerful hues are a metaphor for what make up the colorful fabric of the Rockaways – objects such as umbrellas, kites, sunflowers, and more importantly people, personalities and diversity.


A diagram illustrating the new building’s orientation in relation to the Atlantic Ocean and Rockaway Community Park

Large-scale graphics reinforce the design concept along with intuitive wayfindingexam

An approach to the exam room, which reinforces the physician and patient zones through color and material

boardwalk-concept“The Boardwalk” – The hub, a place to connect


boardwalk-connectorProposed Living Wall location to improve indoor air quality, soften and create a peaceful environment

material-paletteMaterial Palette

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